Grand Ouvrage Brehain

  • France

    Grand-Ouvrage Brehain

Visited: 2018, Status: Abandoned

This was another bunker I visited with a friend while on holiday in Luxembourg. Again access was pretty straightforward - it only required finding the entrance in the woods. The Grand-Ouvrage Brehain and Latiremont are located pretty close to each other and theoretically you could visit both in one day - but it would be a long and exhausting day.  The layout is very similar to Latiremont, except that I had the vague feeling that Brehain was actually a lit longer and definitely contained less water. This Maginot Line bunker consists of several blocks with gun-turrets (9 in total), an ammunition entry, a personnel entry, an ammunition depot, a train-station and a power station, which we did not manage to find even after spending 5 hours down there. Not surprisingly the fate of the Grand-Ouvrage Brehain was the same as the of Latiremont in that it surrendered to the German Army in June 1940. Partly restored in 1951 it was finally abandoned with the advent of the French Nuclear Strike Force.

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