Blue Power Station

  • Belgium

    The Blue Power Station

Visited: 2021, Status: Abandoned

The Blue Power Station is part of the former "Forges de la Providence" steelworks in Charleroi, which closed in 2012 and have been lying abandoned ever since. "Forges de la Providence" was a Belgian steel producing company based in the Hainaut region around Chareloi. Founded as the "Société Anonyme des laminoirs, forges, fonderies et usines de la Providence" the company had three steel production sites, one at Marchienne-au-Pont in Belgium, and two in France, namely at Réhon and Hautmont. The company was independent until 1966 when it became part of the Cockerill-Ougree. It was then briefly absorbed into Thy-Marcinelle et Monceau before becoming part of the Cockerill-Sambre company. For a potted history of the latter have a look at The Cockerill-Sambre Steelworks at Ougree.  In the 1980s the French steel plants closed, while the Belgian plant continued to operate until 2008, becoming part of the Duferco group as Carsid  at the begining of the 21st century. Coke and blast furnace production CARSID plant closed in 2008 due to an economic downturn, and did not restart - the plant was closed in 2012.

The other parts of the steelworks, which are still work seeing, include the a coking plant, situated right next to the Blue Power Station, the Haut-Fourneau 4 (HF4) and the "Wet Dogs" Power Plant. 

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