Pembrokeshire has some of the most amazing coast line I have ever seen and hiking along the Coastaal Path allows you to take it all in.

Dartmoor’s Rivers

Dartmoor's Rivers are worth exploring as there are surprises looming around each corner and each bend. Rockpools and small waterfalls abound.

Skyline from Westminster Bridge

London by Night

Photographing London by night is such great fun. So many motives, so many colours and so many angles to choose from.


In the Dartmoor National Park your a spoilt for choice, wonderfull scenery, prehistocic monuments, beautiful villages and much more.

Avebury Stone Circle with Pub.


The Avebury Stone Circle, West Kennet Long Barrow and Silbury Hill are all part of the “Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites” UNESCO World Heritage Site.

La Seine


Having drawn visitors for centuries, Paris is an amazing place to explore and will keep you busy for many, many days.

Barcelona’s Art Nouveau

If you have not heard of Lluís Domènech i Montaner then you need to head to Barcelona and have a look at his Art Nouveau buildings

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter

Barcelona is an absolutely stunning city and there is so much to see and the Gothic Quarters are one of the highlights.

Barcelonas Other Sites

Apart from the Gothic Quarters and the bulidings of Gaudi and Lluís Domènech there are still plenty of things to see in Barcelona.


Seville, with its various neighbourhoods is the ideal city to go for a wander with plenty of stuff to enjoy.


Ronda is an amazing place to visit with its medieval ramparts, its Arab bath, its water mine and not to mention the towering Puente Nuevo.


You cannot visit Granada without seeing the Alhambra, a masterpiece of Moorish architecture. Be prepared to spend lots of time in there.


Malaga is a little gem with plenty of museums, an Arab fortresses, colorful streets and trendy neighborhood and beautiful gardens.


Cordoba is a fantastic city, once the melting pot of Muslim, Christian and Jewish cultures and hence there are plenty of historic monuments to visit.