Paper Mill C

Five mills were working on this site in the 11th century  and milling in one form or another has continued ever since; a fulling mill was known to exist in 1438 whilst paper milling began around 1730. “Fulling” is a step in woollen clothmaking which involves the cleansing of woven cloth(particularly wool) to eliminate oils, dirt, and other impurities, and to make it shrink by friction and pressure. This process delivers a smooth, tightly finished fabric that is isolating and water repellent.

The Paper Mill C was destroyed by fire in 1850 and in 1857. On both occasions the stores where full of finished paper with losses estimated at £16000 and £30000 respectively. The last conflagration took place in 1952, when the modern mill was constructed, leaving no traces of the old structures.  By the end of the 19th century the mill had a reputation for producing the best paper in the country. Unfortunately, the mill closed down in 2022 after producing paper uninterruptibly for nearly 300 years. 


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