Car Engine Plant

Construction of this gigantic (121,702 square meters) car engine plant began in 1977 and three years later, in 1980, the first engines started to roll off the conveyor belt.  The plant specialised in producing high-efficiency petrol engines for a variety of car-manufacturers such as Volvo and Jaguar among others. In the 40 years, between 1980 and 2020 roughly 22 million engines were produced here. At the beginning of 2015 the engine plant had a capacity of 750,000 engines and  slightly more than 2000 people. Unfortunately, by mid-2019 the plant had become uneconomic due to under-utilisation which resulted from a lack of demand for the engines produced here, and the plant closed a year later in September 2020. So far no new buyer for the plant has been found, even though all the machinery looks practically like new.

Inside a car engine plant
The inside of a car engine plant
Conveyor belt in a car engine plant
Converyor belt in a car engine plant
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