When we first visited Andalusia 2 years ago, my partner and I bypassed Malaga completely and drove straight to Granada. This time, however, we decided to remedy that situation and to spend a little time in the city.  After arriving in Malaga late evening, we picked up our car, checked into the hotel and went to sleep.  The next day our plan was to drive to Granada but since we had plenty of time we decided to visit the Jardín Botánico Histórico La Concepción which are located just outside of the city.  

The Botanical Gardens

The Jardín Botánico Histórico La Concepción will keep you busy for a little while as the whole garden covers about 55 hectares. At its heart lie the Historical Gardens (roughly 3.5 hectares) with more than 3000 different species, several waterfalls, fountains, lakes and historical buildings. This is the oldest (and in my opinion nicest) part of  La Concepción and was created about 150 years ago by the Loring family.  You can wander around leafy avenues, admire some gorgeous flowers and idle some time away in in a small coffee shop. All in all the gardens are well worth a  visit

The Cathedral

The Alcazaba

Caminito del Rey