Redcar Power Station

The Redcar Steelworks were fully integrated and, apart from the blast furnace, comprised a sinter plant, coke works and a power station among others. Both the blast furnace and the coke ovens produced gases as a by-product, which were supplied to the power station via two pipelines in order to produce electricity, which was used to run the steelworks.The power station itself consists of a boiler house and a turbine hall, which also contains several compressors. The compressors provided high-pressure air for the steelmaking process, which was injected into the blast furnace. 

A potted history of the Redcar Steelworks was given in the blog Redcar Coke Works and won’t be repeated here. 

A Diesel Turbine
The Turbine Hall. Both compressors are located between the turbines.
The Turbine Hall
The Turbine Hall
Turbine Hall
Turbine and compressor.
A compressor
The Boiler House
Control Panel